We begin by understanding an organizations core business,this web the factors driving the need for change, link and their desired results. Unique employee goals are then matched with the most effective courses. By offering a broad range of services and blended learning delivery methods, approved CyberSkills is able to successfully implement what we recommend providing a dependable link between a proper diagnosis of the problem and the resolution. We then work closely with our partners to make certain that chosen solutions are used in ways that achieve optimum results.

When we work to maximize your company’s performance, we also commit to maximize:


discover key business issues and the corresponding solutions


implement and support training and development programs in support of our client’s Mission and strategic Vision


build long-term partnerships based on mutual trust

Evaluate and Prioritize

Program evaluation is the most critical aspect of any training initiative. Without an effective evaluation, you can’t know how close you are to your objectives, or whether you’re even headed in the right direction. Evaluations are important in order to make sound, responsible decisions that guides your organization closer to its target.

CyberSkills will conduct your evaluations using a wide variety of standard and internally developed tools and metrics, including needs-gap analyses, cost/benefit analyses, and industry benchmarking. Our tools can be used to examine a single training course or an entire program.

In addition, CyberSkills will help your organization establish ongoing, internally managed evaluation procedures that will keep your efforts on track and ensure continuous quality improvement. That way, you have the power to effectively and responsibly manage your human capital.

Program Development

It’s not uncommon for an organization to design and develop an instructional program that accomplishes its goals, but somehow does not advance the overall organizational objectives. What’s missing in these situations? Strategy!

Getting your people heading in the direction of your company objectives requires training that is both effective and appropriate. This requires a measured approach to your curricula, a measured approach to your delivery methods, and a measured approach to your instruction. CyberSkills will establish all of these things insuring that employees are not only moving forward, but that they are on the right road.

Course Development

Almost anyone can develop a training course. But not very many can do it effectively. Why? Because it takes a thorough understanding of the psychology of how people think and learn. Without this understanding, effective training is produced only as a matter of chance. Since the effectiveness of any training initiative is measured by how much people learn, it does not make sense to leave this element to chance.

CyberSkills will apply an in-depth understanding of the learning sciences and formal instructional design methodologies toward the development of courses, both instructor-led and computer-based, that affect real learning gain. After taking one of our courses, your people will walk away changed. They will have new capabilities, new insights, and new attitudes that they carry with them into the world.

Course Facilitation

In every classroom, a facilitator stands between the learners and the skills they are trying to master. In this role, the facilitator can either act as a barrier or a conduit. To serve as a conduit, facilitators must be engaging, enthusiastic, and experienced in guiding groups large and small to new insights. As facilitator of your courses, these are the precise qualities that we will bring to your organization. Our associates are knowledgeable about their subjects, understand adult learning theory and practice, and have years of experience leading groups.

Project Management

Defining your training path is only half the battle. In order to successfully navigate that path, you need to assemble a team, evaluate and acquire the appropriate resources, assign tasks, manage a budget, keep all resources on track, and assure the appropriate levels of quality. In other words, you need project managers who understand training and development processes and have experience getting projects done on time and within budget.

Ongoing Support

Behind every successful training effort is a simple but effective training administration system. After all, executing a training initiative is not just a matter of developing and delivering instructionally effective courses that accurately target your strategic objectives. It also requires deciding who has to take which courses, where, and when. It requires the correct personnel, the correct policies and procedures, and an effective means of collecting, organizing, and distributing this information. That’s where CyberSkills comes in. Our cloud based Learning Management System, CyberPort, provides easy access to online courses, resource materials, and will provide detailed reporting on employee progress while enabling you to spend less time shuffling paper and more time attending to the needs of your clients.

At CyberSkills, our straight forward approach to designing training solutions makes doing business less complicated and more effective!